Speaker: Joseph Hughes

Educational Seminar: How to Become a 5 Mile Famous Roofing Company

March 12, 2024 2:00 pm


4 Hour Program

Speaker: Joseph Hughes Owner & Visionary, Contractor Dynamics

Most roofing companies don’t have a system for customers with the consistency and predictability that they desire. Joseph Hughes is going to share 5 key takeaways to help us WIN with marketing in 2024 and 5 key pillars to become a “5 Mile Famous” roofing company – the company that everyone thinks of first when they need or someone they know needs a roof.

  • How to build a marketing machine in your roofing company, so you have control over your growth.
  • How to build your brand to become the best known company in your area.
  • How to generate your own inbound appointments from people who want to work with you.
  • How to put the right resources (time, energy, money) into the right activities to maximize your ROI.

Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $100.00